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Granada Hills Forensics
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Welcome to the Granada Hills Charter High School Forensics page. Here, we'll discuss everything speech and debate related, from LD to OO and all stops in-between. This is the place to find dates of tournaments, important information, meeting stuff, and anything extraneous that we find amusing. Thank you for judging!
ali taylor, avoiding fast food, b12, ballots, banquets, benches, breaking to finals, breaking to semis, buying overpriced college paraphernalia, casa de choo-choo, casa de frutta, casey lilenfeld, challenging script legitimacy, cheap trophies, chssa, civil disobedience, clash, code numbers, common knowledge debate, congress, cross examination, crying during a piece, david sherman, debate, debate platterware, disliking mcdonald's, do not leave campus!, double entering, duo interpretation, elimination rounds, expository, extemp, extemp draw, extemp tubs, extemporaneous speaking, flowing, gavels, gays, girls in gray suits, girls' extemp, globalization, going undefeated, harris ranch, hating interventionist judges, hating tournament food, historians' books, hostile takeovers, hotels/motels, humorous interpretation, impromptu, independent thinkers, international extemp, j-rob, jessica kasilian, liberals, lincoln-douglas debate, marty's ipod (the i-rod), motions, mr. reff, mrs. robinson!, ms. gordon, ms. kroop, national extemp, national forensics league, nationals, nearly breaking, nice hotels, not liking monroe, novi, one-clap rule, original advocacy, original oratory, original prose and poetry, p-dad, p-had, panel a, panel b, parliamentary debate, party meter, picket fencing, points of order, power matched, power protected, prep time, presiding officers, promiscuous speakers, rawley hall, rebuttals, scarves, scripts, shannon dulaney, showcases, soces, spar, speech, speech and debate, speech bling, spreading, standing ovations, stanford, states, stopwatches, storytelling, student assembly, suits, the cabinet, the economist, the granada-soces alliance, the hair twins, the olive garden, the team "mom", thematic interpretation, three points, timers, topicality, tournaments, trenchcoats in 80-degree weather, tri valley, triflin', triple entering, tubbing, tuesday meetings, unanimous decisions, upholding your values, varsity, vice president daniel kroop, wafers, wearing heat-protective hats, winning