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Welcome to GH Forensics!

Well, the 2003-2004 school year has come to a close, and the Speech and Debate team (Forensics, for those of you who are "in the know") can claim many victories its own. From the Novice League Tournament at GHCHS to Nationals all the way in Salt Lake City, Utah (your new president, Ashley, leaves tomorrow!), the year has proved a success on many fronts.

I'll take this time to formally introduce the cabinet for the 2004-2005 school year. We're here to help!

President: Ashley J. Bohrer
Vice President: Daniel V. Kroop
Secretary: Hannah M. Reff
Co-Treasurers: Emily Heller & Chan Park
Co-Historians: Rachel Kizito & Jamie Franklin

This journal has been set up to provide a proper place for the dissemination of all the news that's NOT fit to print. And by that, I mean there's not time during the meeting OR we all might need a reminder.

To crystallize these three main points:

1. Welcome
2. New Cabinet
3. Purview of the LJ

Okay, then! Have a great summer everyone, and we'll see you in school!

Daniel V. Kroop
Vice President

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