dvk. (spiroagnew73) wrote in gh_forensics,

a very great february kickoff

well, gh speech and debate had a great first weekend of february. at the pepperdine invitational, our LDers made us proud and ashley and i (daniel) won parli debate and were first and second speakers, respectively.

zita won novice LD, and the other members of the nov squad (maya, rachel, jaimie, matt, anita) did a superior job, closing out semis.

suejung got a livejournal and we love her.

i love how casual this journal has become.

this weekend is stanford. get in your 100 dollars in cash to j rob. we will rock palo alto, and then we will drop it, park it, and pop it, people.

get to rawley hall by 8 AM on friday morning so we can drive. we'll be back monday afternoon.

get your scripts in for IEs by NEXT TUESDAY, FEBRUARY 15TH! mrs. taylor needs to review them, and then they need to be sent into the reviewing pool.

okay, that's it for now.

daniel kroop!
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