The Girl with Kaliedoscope Eyes (pixievixen666) wrote in gh_forensics,
The Girl with Kaliedoscope Eyes

2004 Beehive National Tournament

Hey All! I just returned from Salt Lake City, Utah and the 2004 Beehive Nationals (Beehive nationals because apperently Utah is the beehive state... anyone else know that?). Through blood, sweat, toil, and tears, your GHCHS team made all of us very proud with their performances. Ryan Lawrence broke to the run-off round for contestants who had a record of 8-4 and lost to someone from Greenhill. Peter Haderlein and Marty Rod performed one of the best rounds of their lives, making the judges, the viwers, and themselves tear during the performances and recieving a first place in a round at nationals. They didn't break in Duo, but both broke in supplemental events. Peter places 15th in the nation in Extemporaneous Commentary and Marty broke to the third round of Poetry. Yours truly did not break in US Extemp or Commentary, but survived 3 cuts in impromptu, placing somewhere between 80 and 36. More updates about that when i hear.
The tournament not only provided immeasurable enjoyment and tested our speaking abailities, but also taught me an ineffable amount about speech and debate. I am excited to be able to share that knowledge and the benefit thereof next year. I hope everyone of you will get to Nats next year!

With Love,

Ashley J. Bohrer
La Presidente
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